So inspired/bullied/badgered (choose the appropriate word) here by Tim from this post https://oracle-base.com/blog/2016/09/28/otn-appreciation-day/

Here is mine - it can be summed up in one picture really.....

The top activity screen in EM has made an amazing difference to my productivity in fixing issues, it also helps massively in explaining to other people what is happening.

Remember the old days with millions of little scripts to do all this and everything took forever and was hard to visualize - i find i almost can't work that way any more it's too painful.

The devs did a great job on this and it's a really underappreciated effort - it really is excellent.

It even appears in other languages out of the box based on locale settings - see above where it just magically works in German without me having to do a thing!

Thanks OTN!


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