cloud control upgrade attempt - falling at the first 3 hurdles

So i finally got round to attempting the upgrade from to 13c, buoyed with the confidence of having done a fresh install on azure i had carefully planned by 'real' upgrade on our system monitoring 150 servers.......

I thought i had done all the research i needed to but perhaps i missed something....

here are the first 3 things that got in the way (and have forced me to suspend the upgrade while i get number 3 sorted)

1) BI publisher

We don;t use BI publisher - i had various attempts at installing it in the past all of which failed- but now it seems it has to be there for the upgrade.

So with some trepidation i attempted the install again using the configureBIP script which had caused me so much pain before - this time it worked - maybe ironed out all the issues.

Ok so that's a 30 min sidetrack i didn't want


2) plug in tidy up

I kind of thought this sort of thing would just be done automatically - but it wasn't. SO i navigated to the extensibility->plugins bit and duly removed them. Each of which took about 6 minutes each.


3) security/certificates/aaaaarghhh

This is the painful one - i checked the metalink note and the frst part is easy - you just create a more secure certificate on the server following the note.

The next part is more painful - all the agents need to be resecured against this new certificate - all 150 of them!

Now if i had preferred credentials set then this isn't too much of a problem - but i don't. And in fact due to our complicated support model for a lot of the servers i need a 3rd party provider to run the agent commands for me as we are not allowed access......

So I'm stuck for now until the agents are all sorted. I'm hoping there are no other surprises after this when i come back in a few weeks and try and do this again!

On the positive side i'm now more secure (yay....) and i have BI publisher (double yay...)


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