Cloud control controlling the ......(errrr) cloud

This week I've been setting up cloud control 13c in Azure with a view to this monitoring everything we put up in 'the cloud'. Following the detail in Tim's notes made this easy and I'm not going to detail any of the installation process here other than reference Tim's excellent articles below:

Some stats on the process though which may be a useful reference to others.

From Azure i chose a D3 server - this meets the spec requirements for cloud control but does not use 'premium disks' -it's maybe the cheapest option to have a running system. I had the database on the same server as the oms. The system does seem a little slow though i must admit, though it is perfectly usable.  DS3 may be a better option long term as we ramp up and add more servers in here. The beauty of Azure being that it is easy to ramp up/down servers.

The actual installation i did was against the prebuilt database template for a 'small' installation and i pretty much followed to the letter the install that Tim did.

The actual installation of the cloud control part from opening runInstaller and running took 2hr24mins - again quite a long time - most of which seemed to be spent running plsql/sql in the repo during the installation process.

The actual 13c interface is actually pretty similar to 12c so navigation is relatively easy (at least for the bits i use) - the screens just look a bit nicer. I'm sure there is a lot of new stuff to understand though i've just scratched the surface so far.

The install was nice and simple actually.

Not sure I'm ready to risk upgrading our current 12c 'on prem' install (anyone else hate that phrase yet....) to 13c yet - i'll give it a bit more time (and maybe the first patchset) before we attempt that.

So far though looking good.


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