Active database duplication summary

Today I've had to duplicate one of our DW environments to create another 'test' environment. To do this i made use of the rman active duplicate function - this is well documented in other peoples blogs (Tim's for instance so i won't just repeat the process here - however i'll just restate a couple of points as i stumbled over them myself today.

1. Make sure you have the static entries in the listener.ora for the database you want to create - you have to use SIDS - service names and UR=A do not work
2. Make sure you have thr right f'ing oracle home listed in the listener.ora (this had me confused for hours and was throwing misleading invalid username/password messages)

Other than that - if you want it to run in parallel you use this syntax below

allocate channel chan1 type disk;
allocate channel chan2 type disk;
allocate channel chan3 type disk;
allocate auxiliary channel achan1 type disk;
allocate auxiliary channel achan2 type disk;
allocate auxiliary channel achan3 type disk;

That will create 3 sessions either side to theoretically make the whole process 3 times as fast (though in reality that's never the case)

Some quick stats on the process - in my case the database was 750GB ( a baby by the standard of some of the other copies) - the whole duplicate process took 2hrs 10 mins. In this case both machines were in the same subnet, both using ASM from a SAN

That's roughly 2GB/min/channel and that's without doing any special kind of huge data related transfer config.

Pretty good i thought.......


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