Windows has grep now too - where will it end?

A few weeks ago i posted my somewhat surprising discovery of a /dev/null for windows, as I've been having to do more work on windows recently i've also had cause to try and use command line pattern matching (i.e. look for a certain string in something).

I've known for a while there are extra tools you can install to let you do this - resource kits, cygwin and the like but it turns out there is actually a native command in the DOS shell that yet again has escaped me - when this appeared i don't know but i get the impression it's been around for years and yet again it's passed me by - maybe i need to pull myself away from a putty terminal once in a while....

anyway the command is called findstr

findstr /? will show you all it can do - but it has quite a lot of functionality and is actually a pleasant surprise to discover

for example to search for the string 143 in a netstat output (looking for sql server ports here) i can simply do this:

c:\> netstat -an |findstr 143
  TCP               LISTENING
  TCP               LISTENING
  TCP               LISTENING
  UDP           *:*

Simple eh and available natively - a useful tool when running oracle on windows - i'm sure i'll find out now that everyone who runs oracle on windows has known about this for years.....


  1. If you were hardcode, you would use MobaXterm and use standard UNIX commands on Windows. :)