- a welcome addition

I've seen a couple of people make reference to this new facility in the past couple of weeks so i decided to go and have a look what it was all about and actually it looks really useful.

There is a blog post announcing it here :

If you log on to using your normal oracle credentials you'll get access to the tool and the best thing to do is just have a browse around to see what is available to do there.

It essentially gives you a sql worksheet access to a running oracle instance and you can run sql/plsql there without having all the hassle of managing your own instance.

There are a lot if use cases for this tool, personally i think it will be useful for demos , training and in particular answering peoples technet questions - you an build an answer to a question here and then just share a link to the code demo for them to run at their leisure.

For example assume i'd asked how do i return the results of a basic query as xml? I could just refer the poster to this link

where i've done a really basic solution (you can click and see what i did to get an idea).

Over time i guess it's hoped that this will become a code repository people can just borrow from.

Looks good so far - see what you think......