Features that time forgot

I saw there was a new feature when looking at Neil's blog earlier today which is quite nice (only from


It's been missing for a while, though personally it's never really caused an issue - nice that it is solved though.

When i clicked through to look at the oracle docs though i found this little snippet of code further down

GRANT REFERENCES (employee_id), 
      UPDATE (employee_id, salary, commission_pct) 
   ON hr.employees
   TO oe; 

Hmm - that's interesting i thought i didn't think you could do that (granting access just on specific columns) - but no mention that it was new so I started looking back in the docs - i got back as far as 8i (seems they didn't digitize the papyrus of v8 and earlier yet - at least not that i could find). And guess what it's been there all this time and it's completely passed me by - shows the importance of reading the docs when new stuff comes even if it's to pick up stuff you should have known 20 years ago.......


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    1. Thanks Joel,
      My shame is confirmed in http://docs.oracle.com/pdf/A32535_1.pdf it's been there since oracle 7......