XMLDB files,folders and acls

Another XMLDB post.....

I've not been able to find a simple place i can look that shows me for a certain file/folder which acl is controlling access to it - it could be there i just haven't found it.

Anyway i gave up looking and wrote my own

SELECT b.any_path as Folder,a.ANY_PATH as Protected_by_ACL
  FROM RESOURCE_VIEW a,resource_view b
  WHERE extractValue(a.RES, '/Resource/XMLRef') = make_ref(XDB.XDB$ACL,extractValue(b.RES, '/Resource/ACLOID'))
  and b.any_path not like '%.xml%';

This gives a 2 column output, the first being the xmldb resource and the second the acl that applies to it. In the SQL above i exclude .xml files (as i was not interested in them in my case) - the filter can be anything you want of course.

An example output is shown below

If you use xmldb this might be very useful , if you don't then it's pretty useless other than to scare you about this xmldb stuff even more with it's crazy syntax and obscure workings......


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