SQL Developer and SQL Server

Now i mentioned it in my previous post and actually as fate would have it i actually needed to do this myself again on another machine this week. So how do you extend SQL Developer to connect to SQL Server - well here's how:
 First navigate to here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/sql-developer/thirdparty-095608.html where you'll see some basic info about the options (including MySQL, MSSQL and Sybase)

From there you'll see a link to the jtds download - this currently points here


We don't actually need all of this we just want a particular jar file out of it. So if we unzip the file we just need to locate


This file then needs to be copied anywhere you like - putting it somewhere under the sqldev tree makes sense though of course

Once we have that file sorted we need to tell SQL Developer about it - to do this we navigate to
SQL Developer tools->preferences

Once in there we go to the following location:

Click add entry and then browse and locate the jar file

Click OK and then instantly when we click create connection we have extra options open to us - easy!


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