Switching big(ish) to ASM

Some time ago i posted some notes on switching your entire database into asm.

I've recently followed this myself to switch a much larger database than my demo - i thought I'd post some stats about that process.

Now the logfile/tempfile bits took negligible time really (as did the bct file).

The only points of interest were - the datafile themselves - the total size of the DB was 345GB spread over 54 files.

The rman command i used to create the image backup in ASM was as follows

configure device type disk parallelism 4;
backup as copy database format '+DATA';

So i had 4 parallel session all doing copies - the total run time for this operation was 25 minutes - not bad

Switching over to this then went very smoothly (other than the recover wanting a tape session even though everything it needed was still on local disk) - anyway it got there in the end.

The last thing to switch was the controlfile - the command i tried to use from my example worked but they just restored the controlfile back to the original location. I'm 99% sure this is exactly the process i used last time - i think the difference was that in my example i used the default controlfile name - real database of course use non default paths.

To fix this i did:

startup nomount;
alter database reset control_files; (this sets it back to default)

and then

rman> restore controlfile from 'path_to_filesystem_controlfile';

This then worked fine

All in all quite succesful - ow to finish off the other databases on the same server....


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