A fresh new look

This week I've switched to a new blogger template.I've been unhappy for a while with the slowness of the template i was using and the fact that once in the post it just didn't look that nice and navigation was generally poor.

A lot of the blogs I'd seen that i'd liked were actually hosted on wordpress and the google provided ones didn't seem to have anything that looked as good.

A bit of research though revelaed that you are not tied to the google ones, other people have developed them and there are a lot you can use for free (or you could do your own if you had any ide what you were doing with CSS etc - which i of course don't being an old school DBA used to working with green screens)

A bit of searching round the net and i found a template i really liked

It's called Galauness (no idea how that is pronounced) from a developer called iksandi http://www.iksandi.com

The template is loaded using the export/import function in blogger and this worked fine - however there were a couple of niggles about the way the template worked i didn;t like so i made a couple of tweaks:

1) I removed some of the top navigation links as i didn't really need them and it tidied up the screen
2) I set a white background on part of the image css definition as pictures that were cutouts looked ugly without this as it exposed the rollover image below when i didn't want it to
3) i removed some of the additional items you get on the main blog story page as it made the page too long

I still have a couple of niggles that I don't think i can fix and any feedback on how to resolve these would be nice

1) Some thumbnail pictures do not show at all (even though page source shows a correct and working link for it)
2) pictures are often not resized well and some of them look crap - i now need to be careful what size/shape images i choose

Other than that i think it looks really good - especially the actual blog story page itself - it's much more readable on screen than it was before.

Let me know what you think....


  1. Hi, did you find a solution for thumbnails not showing on homepage randomly?

    1. Hi Loretta,
      No unfortunately. It had been working ok for a while until the ast 2 posts i made - neither picture will show and I've no idea why. I messed around last nigth actually trying to narrow it down and it does seem to be something about the picture itself but not sure what. I'll try and have another look - i think i need to try and understand what the javascript code is trying to do when it works out what image to display in the thumbnail - it must be something to do with the size or the length of the filename - something like that.


    2. Hi Loretta,
      I fixed it! - at least for me. Maybe it's the same fix for you - here is what i did

      WHen i was uploading pictures it seems that sometimes the link inside the blog post was


      and others


      this is seemingly random when you upload to blogspot and you have no control over it.

      Anyway - the fix is easy if you click on the html view of your problem post you'll see 2 mentions of the picture url - change both of the https bits to http (leave the rest of the url the same) - save it and it should be magically fixed.

      I thought i had checked this before and it didn;t help but somehow i messed up.

      I'm not 100% if you have more than one problem post that you have to fix all of them for it to start working (at least the ones displayed on the same blog homepage).

      ANyway let me know how you get on and if this ifxes it - if you post your blog url i could try and see if it looks like the same issue.


    3. Actually - found one more post that was causing me trouble - don;t use double quotes in the blog post title - that seems to break it too - hopefully this or the previous one fixes your issue

    4. Hi Richard,
      Thank you very much for sharing this tip! This thing - with removing double quotes - worked perfectly for one of my posts. I thought I was doomed, because other tips & tricks weren't helping much. Thanks again and greetings from Portugal :)

  2. Thank you so much, ur fix works for me!