Short and sweet this one - we have a project using xmldb that we wanted to access through webdav. This was not working at all from any windows machine we tried - even though the http access to the same resource was working fine.

After much troubleshooting we finally find it was a windows issue and we had to apply this patch


We could then happily map the drive through windows explorer using http://server

All the notes we found about registry keys and various other hacks were all nonsense (well they didn't fix this problem at least)


  1. This workaround only applies to XDB environments (database versions) 11.2 and below. Microsoft, without notice, switched on WebDAV level from basic to DIGEST authentication. Oracle XDB database versions from 11.2 and below, are only capable to support BASIC authentication. Oracle 12.1 now also supports DIGEST authentication.

  2. Cheers again Marco. It seems very tricky to track down examples of xmldb stuff and fixes for even basic problems. The oracle docs are good as always but it's always nice to read some other examples to really understand things. I find there is a lack or articles on xmldb generally.. Most searches just return the oracle docs. This seems to be one of the most underused features in the database. Even oracle themselves struggle to find resources as we've found on our current project....

    Any ideas of good xmldb resources out on the internet?