Cloud control dynamic groups

In a post a few days ago ( i showed how the 'line of business' (or indeed any target property) can easily be set from the command line. I later mentioned that i wondered why i didn't just use emcli to set the group property instead.

However i discovered today that maybe i had some kind of clairvoyant powers as it seems the way i did it means that i can create groups dynamically based on this very property I'd set via the command line - fantastic. Here is how i did it:

Navigate to the Targets->groups screen from the top menu

Under the create drop down there are 3 options:

Group (old style groups - manually kept up to date)
Dynamic Group
Administation group (this looks very interesting but I'm ignoring for now)

So lets click create dynamic group and see what this is all about

It takes us to a screen where we can define a property of the target that we want to compare against - in my case i set the property "line of business" in an earlier blog post to "EGC" - so lets choose that from the available list and click 'update member preview' to see which targets are picked up. Sure enough it's everything i set it on  - so there we go I have a group which is maintained automatically - if i set the property to EGC then it's in - if its something else then it's not.


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