Seeing what the agent sees

Sometimes when trying to figure out what's going on with grid/cloud control and it's agents it can be useful to see what the agent itself directly sees as the values of certain metrics before they have even got to grid control.

This is very easy to check (though is not on by default).

To enable the ability to browse the various metric values from the agent website (not the grid/cloud control one). Navigate to the following folder on the agent server.

$ORACLE_HOME/sysman/config and open the file

Inside this file you will fine the following line commented out ( _enableMetricBrowser=true

Simply comment the line back in and reload the agent with

emctl reload agent

Now we can access the agent website to see what it thinks the values of a metric are

The website for this is the value of EMD_URL (again from the file)

just simply change the url to add the word browser before main (https://agent-name:port/emd/browser/main) - see screenshot below

It has changed slightly as pre 12c login was not required this was an anonymous access page ( at least thats how i remember it anyway.....) Here you have to log in as root or the user that the agent is running as to access the data view.

Once logged in you get a top level screen with lots of links and then you can drill in to various metrics to see the 'raw' values being collected.


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