Business objects Data Services (BODS) issue with jobserver

A (very) off topic post here but i couldn't find any hits on google when i was trying to resolve this. Our BODI Jobserver wwould not start properly and we just kept getting connection refused type messages (which has always previously been down to connectivity issues).This time however that wasn;t the case and we discovered that the job server was in a restart loop and kept getting a segmentation fault:

(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  -------------------------------------------------- (BODI-850035)
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  Job Server Started... (BODI-850036)
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  Job server uses <300+3> threads for processing and can handle requests from only <50> Data Integrator Designer applications.
                                                       The number of threads does not include threads necessary for adapter, SNMP and load balance processing. (BODI-850277)
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  SNMP is enabled on this JS. Starting Snmp MB Client. (BODI-850039)
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  Binding server to address inet:stream:ANY:3500. (BODI-850044)
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2043508480) JobServer:  Thread pool size for processing log file requests set to <100>. (BODI-850271)
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  Listening on ANY:3500. (BODI-850157)
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  Thread pool size for processing incoming requests set to <100>. (BODI-850276)
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  MessageBroker(ANY:4001) started (BODI-850004)
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  ADAPTER - Starting AdapterManager: Configuration file: '/bods/IPS/dataservices/adapters/startup_script.xml'.
(14.0) 08-07-13 16:27:55 (15912:2168096512) JobServer:  Segmentation Violation (BODI-850027)

For segment vioaltions you instantly start thinking memory type settings/parameters. In this case however we took a look at the file:


For whatever reason this existed but was empty. Comparing this to another app server and we could see that it should have at least some empty xml tags. So we stopped the jobserver copied in the content of this file and hey presto the jobserver was fixed.


Hope this helps someone else out as it was a very strange issue.

Since the server started working ok this xml file now has a huge amount of configuration in it - i don't know how it became empty - must be some kind of bug with the software i think.


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