Manual install of cloud control agent

If you need to install a cloud control agent without using the auto deployment features from within the screens (not sure why you'd want to make things difficult for yourself) here is how you do it:

Firstlt track down the agent software you want from within the cloud repository and export it - it will come up with a popup giving you the command line and the id to do just that.

 Once you have the id go to the command line and login with emcli

emcli login -username=sysman
Enter password :

Then export the agent software to a file

emcli export_update -id=CCFD0DC95C5AF6E64AEC138C9F8BAC52 -omslocal -dir=/oracle/grid_control_catalog_metalink_zip

this created the file (same as the original file downloaded by cloud control)

You then need to copy this to the server you want to monitor, and then unzip as shown below:

  inflating: archives/
  inflating: su_manifest.xml
  inflating: readme.txt

cd archives
  inflating: unzip
  inflating: agent.rsp

Then try the install (which would have worked at AGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12c OMS_HOST=server.domain EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4901 AGENT_PORT=3872 AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=password –ignorePrereqs

 Validating the OMS_HOST & EM_UPLOAD_PORT
Executing command : /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ -classpath /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ oracle.sysman.agent.installer.AgentInstaller /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ /app/oracle/product/sw/archives /app/oracle/product/agent12c -prereq

Validating oms host & port with url: http://server:4901/empbs/genwallet
Validating oms host & port with url: https://server:4901/empbs/genwallet
Return status:3-oms https port is passed
Unzipping the to /app/oracle/product/agent12c ....
Executing command : /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/  -d64 -classpath /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ oracle.sysman.agent.installer.AgentInstaller /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ /app/oracle/product/sw/archives /app/oracle/product/agent12c /app/oracle/product/agent12c/agent_inst AGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12c

Executing agent install prereqs...
Executing command: /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ -debug   -ignoreSysPrereqs -prereqchecker -silent -ignoreSysPrereqs -waitForCompletion  -prereqlogloc /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ -entryPoint -detailedExitCodes PREREQ_CONFIG_LOCATION=/app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/  -J-DAGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12c
Prereq Logs Location:/app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/<timestamp>.log
ERROR: Agent Install Prereqs failed AGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12c OMS_HOST=server.domain EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4901 AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=pass -ignorePrereqs
Performing the agent configuration...
Executing command: /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ RESPONSE_FILE=/app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/ ACTION=configure MODE=perform COMPONENT_XML={} RERUN=true
Configuration Log Location:/app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/<timestamp>.log
ERROR: Agent Configuration Failed

SEVERE: The Management Agent configuration failed. The plug-in configuration for the oracle.sysman.oh monitoring plug-in may h
ave failed, or this plug-in may not be present in the Management Agent software. Ensure that the Management Agent software has the oracle.sysman.oh monitorin
g plug-in, if not then retry the operation. If the agent software has the oracle.sysman.oh monitoring plug-in, view the plug-in deployment log /app/oracle/pr
oduct/agent12c/agent_inst/install/logs to check if the plug-in configuration for the oracle.sysman.oh monitoring plug-in failed.

This is due to a missing file which is very difficult to actually get the source for - in the end i had to do a deply to another server and the file is created as part of the agent push to that server - you can then copy this file (there must be a better way than this of extracting the file). For me the file was generated in the directory below on the OMS.

oracle@server:/oracle/gc_inst12103/em/EMGC_OMS1/sysman/agentpush/2013-07-12_22-37-12-PM/plugins/aix> ls

Then rerun the install once the plugins file is present (in the same directory as AGENT_BASE_DIR=/app/oracle/product/agent12c EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4901 AGENT_REGISTRATION_PASSWORD=password –ignorePrereqs

Followed by the usual and it’s all done!

!UPDATE! - there is a simper way - see the next post


  1. Thank you for this very good article.
    In my case (w64) the zip file is deleted quickly during the installation. You have to press F5 until you see the zip and then quickly make a copy before it gets deleted.

  2. Hi,
    There was a better way - see my next post!


  3. Even four years later this article, and the follow-up, saved me a ton of trouble today. Many thanks!