Finding the location of the weblogic admin console url

I'm just about to start planning an upgrade to cloud control and needed to validate the password I had for the weblogic user was correct - but how to find the weblogic console admin url?

Cloud control was all installed some time ago and we only ever stop it using the emctl commands - we have never had a need to do anything via the weblogic screens.

A quick google gave me the default locations of the url but that didn't correspond to where it was actually running after much trial and error i located the port using lsof but later discovered there is a much simpler way of finding this......

The file $ORACLE_HOME/oms/install/setupinfo.txt contains the details of the url's - it's created during the install process.... easy when you know where to look


  1. thanks so much rich. it was so useful

  2. Thanks for sharing this information, Good on you.

  3. i wasn't able to find the URL name in the setupinfo.txt file