Extracting metric values directly from the cloud control respository

A follow on from my earlier post about created a new metric extension (http://dbaharrison.blogspot.de/2013/07/12c-metric-extension-for-cloud-control.html)  In this case i just wanted to see for all hosts what the current value of this metric was. Once you've identified the correct view to select from (there are quite a few to choose from.....) you can easily see the database name and the current value of the 7 day metric value i added with this simple query:

select target_name,value from sysman.MGMT$METRIC_CURRENT t
where metric_name ='ME$7-DAY-BACKUP-CHECK'
order by value desc

As easy as that - will work the same for any other metric - you just need to find the metric name you are interested in.


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