12c metric extensions - part 2 - subscribe to that event

Following on from the last post - here is how to subscribe to that created metric when it goes into warning/critical status for any database. Lots more pics - easier than having to type out an explanation....

First up track down the incident rules link in cloud control

 Then create a new rule set

 Then click on create on the rules tab

 Choose incoming events (the top one - i screenshotted the wrong radio button...)

 Choose the new metric we created from the last post

 Add an action to it

 Here i am just emailing 2 people

OK and everything is now created and it should alert. 

 I temporarily changed the threshold down to 7 days to force the alert to fire and sure enough the email below was generated so it looks like it works perfectly!


  1. I followed your blog (MetricExtension) was able to create. Followed this for Incident Rules... could not search /find my Customized Metrics.

    How do i finf this???

  2. Hi,
    On the 5th screenshot down you click the add button then you should go into a window that allows you to search for the metric you created. Did you do that?


  3. Hi,

    Your entry is so helpful, however I have a question. I've created a metric and a rule for monitoring gaps in my Data Guards Databases, I want to receive a email every 15 minutes (per example) until I don't have any gap. According with your tutorial I've received ONLY ONE email with the alert that I've configured.

    How can I fix this?


    1. Hi,
      In the screenshots above - the one where i say ' Here i am just emailing 2 people' - there is a section near the end called repeat notifications. If you expand that it will reveal exactly what you want to do.