What command created my datapump dumpfile?

If i have a dumpfile and no logfile how can i find out what command was used to create that dumpfile?

So if i had a file called test.dmp how do i know what command created that?

I know it was created using this command:

expdp / schemas=aligne flashback_time=systimestamp directory=scratch metrics=y dumpfile=test.dmp logfile=test.log

but how can i find that out 6 months later if there is no logfile?


impdp / dumpfile=test.dmp directory=scratch master_only=y keep_master=y job_name=test
WHich just uploads the master table out of the dumpfile which contains all of the metadata about the job - including the command used to create it.

Once the table is loaded all you have to do is run the right query to extract that information:

select value_t
  from ops$oracle.test
 where name = 'CLIENT_COMMAND'
   and process_order = -59
Which gives you:


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