Repoint 10.2 agent to 11.1 grid control

These are the steps you need to follow to change a agent running on AIX 5.2 to a new grid control installation to enable you to still monitor 9i/10g database on AIX from 11.2 grid.

1) Set environment up correctly
2) emctl unsecure agent
3) emctl stop agent
4) edit $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/config/
and set the 2 values below to the new location
5) Tidy up old files
rm -r $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/emd/state/*
rm -r $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/emd/collection/*
rm -r $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/emd/upload/*
rm $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/emd/lastupld.xml
rm $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/emd/agntstmp.txt
rm $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/emd/blackouts.xml
rm $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/emd/protocol.ini
6) get the agent to tidy up
emctl clearstate agent
7) resecure connection (you'll be prompted for registraton password)
emctl secure agent
8) start it up
emctl start agent
9) you'll then need to configure groups/databases etc etc in the new oms.


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